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What is your favourite museum and why (apart from this one)? (Max 300 Characters)

What do you think the three most important skills you need for this role? (Max 300 Characters)

How important do you think museums are to communities and why? (Max 300 Characters)

What sounds most interesting about this role and what experience could you bring? (Max 300 Characters)

What is your most unique attribute and how would it help you in this job? (Max 300 Characters)

Scenario question:

A large group of visitors have arrived at the museum. They haven't booked or looked on the website before visiting so don't know what to expect. We don't have room available for them and they're a bit upset. How would you handle this situation? (Max 400 Characters)

Scenario question:

A school group are visiting the museum. There's 90 of them and the teacher is no where to be seen. Some of the children have started pulling things off the display and generally misbehaving. It's starting to interrupt other people's visit. How would you help? (Max 400 Characters)

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