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Daring Detectives:
CSI school

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Wednesday 28, Thursday 29, Friday 30 July
Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 August 2021

Walk-in sessions from 10:00 - 15:00 each day

Ages 5+

Calling all crime-solvers and budding investigators! We are looking for the next daring detective and invite you to come and polish up your Victorian detective skills with our summer holiday activities.

Get hands-on with sand, paint, microscopes and more. Learn all about the crime scene investigation methods of the 19th century and solve a crime Sherlock Holmes style!

Our detectives-in-training will be able to try out a number of methods like blood-spatter and fingerprint analysis before going on to figure out what happened to our poor Victorian victim. Can you crack the case?

PLEASE NOTE: CSI school will involve some messy play so we advise visitors to come in sensible clothing. Aprons will be on hand for those that request them.

COVID PRECAUTIONS: All hands-on stations will be sanitised and sanitising wipes will be available by each activity. Visitors will still have to follow latest government guidelines when it comes to wearing masks and remaining socially distant where possible.

Children will learn all about Victorian police and detective methods whilst engaging in creative and immersive play. This activity also promotes STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) learning as well as team-work and communication skills.

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