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World War I

For King & Country

For King & Country explores the role police, fire, ambulance and lifeboat personnel played during World War I, both on the front line and at home, and the lasting impact the conflict had on the development of the emergency services.
From the millions of men who left the police and fire service to 'do their bit' as ordinary soldiers, to the women who took the opportunities war presented to prove themselves in a man's world, this exhibition uncovers some of the lesser-known heroes of World War I.  
Included in the exhibition - housed in a recreated trench dugout - and helping to tell these stories are a collection of unique and historic objects, many of them on display at our museum for the first time. These include a 1916 era veterinary ambulance, scrapbooks created by World War I nurses,  personal memoirs and uniforms. There will also be interactive and hands-on displays, bringing the fascinating history of this conflict to life.


3. Wyatt's VC made him a famous local figure..jpg
6. This horse ambulance is being loaned to the museum for the exhibition..jpg
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