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Vehicle and workshop...

(Flexible ages)


Looking for that wow factor to add to your experience? Then why not have an emergency services vehicle arrive!

Our fire engine is perfect for teaching modern day fire safety whilst keeping your audience captivated! Lessons are in line with South Yorkshire Fire Service guidelines and will ensure appropriate learning for every age group, all the while having the fun of going inside a real fire engine!

Have a look at a modern police car in order to see all the extra gadgets they use, whilst learning how they help keep us safe! Learn about the history of the police, how they have developed and what modern crimes they face while exploring one of their most iconic pieces of equipment, their car!

Vehicles will come with two members of the museum team in order to conduct workshops and explore the vehicles. For the best experience, lessons should be delivered to groups of no bigger than 36 people.


Half Day hire includes 2 x one hour workshops and is priced at £250. Full Day hire includes 3 x one hour workshops and is priced at £350. It is not possible to start sessions any earlier than 10 am. Exact times of session delivery and vehicle leaving time must be discussed and confirmed with the Education Facilitator at point of booking.

Loan boxes...

Outreach lessons...


Each loan box includes an extensive handling collection, detailed information pack on the objects and subject matter, and a full pack of activities and lesson plans linked to the objects in the box. Each box will have at least 10 items and 5 lesson plans. The handling collection will be a mix of genuine and replica objects.

£40 per week loan, payable on collection from the museum. Must be picked up and dropped off by the school. The school will be invoiced for any damages occurred to objects.


Subjects include:

- Superheroes: People Who Help Us,

- Great Fire of London,

- WWII: The Blitz and Sheffield,

- Crime and Punishment,

- Modern Day Fire Safety,


With your loan box, why not have an expert along with it! Have our Education Facilitator come and deliver a lesson using the loan box and then leave it with you to continue exploring and learning.


The loan box will be with you for two weeks (as above) and the lesson would last for 1 hour. Total cost would be £120 with any additional lessons costing £60. The Education Facilitator would bring the loan box with them, with responsibility for the return on the school. All of the loan boxes can have an Outreach Lesson attached.

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