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Jack the Ripper:
Chief Inspector Swanson and Scotland Yard’s prime suspect

9 July 2021
Talks running at: 18:00-19:00

Talk and museum entry: £15.00pp or £10.00pp if you already hold a year ticket for NESM.

Entry is one hour before the start of each talk to allow for the viewing of the museum itself and refreshments.

The mystery of Jack the Ripper has never been officially solved, but did the police investigating the crimes know the identity of the killer? In their retirement, several officers claimed to know the truth: the murderer was an American named Francis Tumblety; he was poisoner George Chapman, or a barrister found drowned in the Thames on the last day of 1888. By contrast, Det. Chief Inspector Donald Swanson, the detective who had led the investigation from Scotland Yard and read every report, statement and scrap of evidence, remained tight-lipped. But in 1981, 57 years after his death, his grandson discovered handwritten annotations in a book which seemed to finally reveal the secret of what happened to Jack the Ripper. Join author Adam Wood as he looks at the discovery of the so-called Swanson marginalia and examines the case against the man many believe to be Scotland Yard's prime suspect.

Talk by Author Adam Wood

Adam Wood is Executive Editor of Ripperologist magazine, considered the leading journal featuring informed opinion and the latest research on the Jack the Ripper case, along with associated news and book reviews. From 2017 - 2020 Adam was also the Editor of the Police History Society Journal.


Adam has researched and written several exhaustive articles and books on aspects related to the Whitechapel murders and crime and detection in the Victorian era which include a biography of the Coroner Wynne Baxter, ‘The Trial of Percy Lefroy Mapleton’ and his latest, the award-winning biography of the Scottish detective, ‘Swanson: The Life and Times of a Victorian Detective’. Set against the backdrop of the developing Metropolitan Police, this book tells the story of a life and career which included railway murderers, grave robbers, fraudulent mediums, Jack the Ripper, the Philosopher's Stone, Fenian dynamite campaigns, shocking revelations about the aristocracy and a crazed captain with sea serpents in a bottle.

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Each session is an hour-long and includes an engaging talk, a chance for questions and an opportunity to get your hands on signed books. Tickets include museum admission, the talk, tea, coffee and biscuits as well as a handy cotton tote bag.


£15.00pp or if you already hold a year ticket for NESM £10.00pp


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