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In addition to the collection on display in the museum itself, NESM has a collection of vehicles stored away from site that are under restoration by our team of volunteers. Our off site collection is separated into two parts; our collection of historical vehicles that are under restoration or awaiting restoration and our historic road fleet. Our historic road fleet can be seen out and about across the country at many different events. 

Once our heritage has gone it's gone forever!

Some of our collection is awaiting major restoration requiring a lot of time and major funds. These exhibits are of historical value and help tell the story of our emergency services. Storing these exhibits is preventing them from being lost forever.


Do you want to know what we have in the collection?

The vehicle collection is the smallest percentage of our collection but is the section that occupies the most space. A standard fire engine requires around 200 square feet of space suitable to withstand around 10 ton of weight.

It is always a challenge to move the collection around the country to events or simply from store to store.

If you spot us out and about share it with us on social media! We love to know that what we are doing puts a smile on people's faces.



These mega machines are so much more than just nuts and bolts, woodwork and wiring. Our dedicated team spend time discovering the story of our exhibits and explore the lives of the people that served with them. This Leyland served its life with Barnsley Fire Brigade since the late 1930s and is the last surviving fire engine to serve in Sheffield during the Blitz. 

From the workshop…

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