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Meet the team

Introducing the Board of Trustees of the National Emergency Services Museum. This distinguished group comprises of passionate volunteers, each bringing expertise, experience, and dedication to the museum's noble cause. With their unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions of time and knowledge, they play a vital role in guiding and shaping the museum. Their collective efforts embody the spirit of community service and preservation, ensuring that the museum continues to thrive and fulfil its mission of honouring and celebrating the heroic efforts of emergency service professionals.












Alistair’s worked in the education sector before joining the Ambulance Service over 20 years ago. He started out in an operational role after which he has worked in a number of management roles including business development, transformation and engagement. Alongside this, he has supported the movement for greater inclusivity and been the Chair of the National Ambulance LGBT+ Network since it was set up in 2015.

Alistair also has an interest in the heritage of the Ambulance Service and has started to address the lack of information that is available. He is delighted to represent the service as a Trustee and keen to support the development of the museum as a place where the rich heritage of the emergency services can be held and brought to life.



Matt initially began his journey with the museum as a volunteer and later transitioned to become a trustee of the charity in 2015 when it became a CIO. Matt's fascination with the emergency services ignited at the tender age of 2 during a memorable Christmas party at his local Fire Station. By 13, he was already a dedicated Fire Cadet, eventually progressing to a cadet instructor at the age of 18. His career path took him through various roles, starting with a position at a local visitor attraction, which piqued his interest in the industry. Following a stint at a solicitor's, Matt circled back to the visitor attraction sector, eventually carving out a job for himself as a freelance. Today, Matt proudly serves as the CEO of the museum, embodying his lifelong passion for graphic design and the emergency services.







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