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Our exhibitions...

Weather you're learning and playing, exploring and discovering or wanting to relax and enjoy, our exhibitions will tick every box. From the young and the young at heart we try and tailor all our exhibitions to every ones needs. 

Victorian Police Station and Cells

Normally not somewhere you would want to be but as you're visiting us you will want to explore our Victorian Police Cells. These four cells truly bring the story of life in the late 1800's early 1900's to life, just imagine the people who have stayed here over the years! This area of the museum is currently under refurbishment.

Our Cells are currently home to a brand new exhibition telling the story of crime and policing throughout the Victorian era. This new exhibition has been created thanks to support from South Yorkshire Police, private collectors, other museums and Universities from around the UK. 

The Garage

Originally this area of the building would have been home to 12 stables for the Police Horses, as the fire service left and the building became fully used by the police, this also saw the relocation of the mounted section of the police. The former stables were then converted into 'the garage' where mechanics would maintain the fleet of police vehicles for the area. 

With the museums extensive collection of police vehicles, this exhibition area now tells the story of 100 years of policing from 1920 - 2020 with a focus on their vehicles, equipment and specialist departments. Climb inside our armored landrover and try on police riot equipment.

The Cobbled courtyard

This large courtyard is located between the police station and fire station areas of the building and would have originally been an open yard, used for training and from 1903 housed the first public Ambulance in the City. This makes for the perfect location to house our 'Blood, Bandages and Blue Lights' exhibition. 

This exhibition was created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS (National Health Service) with a focus on the ARP (Air Raid Precautions) Ambulance Service and First Aiders. Housed within the exhibition is the UK's oldest Ambulance which originally served in Barnsley in 1885.

Outside exhibition area

At the rear of the building can be found the only surviving 'police house' on this site, nestled in the middle of an outside area. This area would have once been home to a 'Picture House' and a number of small houses once owned by the police for their officers to live in. Over the years most of these buildings have sadly been lost. 

This area of the museum site now houses some of our 'Mega Machines'. These truly mega machines are a vital asset to the emergency services. The star exhibit in this area is our 47 foot long, RNLI Tyne Class Lifeboat 'the City of Sheffield'. Come truly face-to-face with these amazing vehicles and get up close and personal by climbing on-board some of these vehicles.

The Blitz

The Blitz played a significant part in the history of the emergency services with the formalisation of the NFS (National Fire Service), the use of police officers as stretcher bearers and even the use of Boy Scouts as rescuers!

Our recreated blitzed house sets the scene of these dark nights and uses lights, sounds, smoke and smells to bring the 1940s to life. Sit inside a air raid shelter and listen to stories told by people who lived through the Blitz. 

Climb inside our 1941 Austin K2 fire engine and let the voice of the last surviving fireman to serve in the Sheffield Blitz tell his story.

The Engine House

Originally built to house three horse-drawn fire engines, this area of the museum has seen a number of changes over the years. As the building is housed on a hill, this room is split onto three levels. The need for additional fire stations during the Blitz saw the alteration of the floor levels allowing for four mortised fire engines to be housed here.

This exhibition looks at the story of the fire service from the early 1900's to the 1950's covering the development of vehicles and technology from horse-drawn to steam power and onto motor power.

'The Great War'

A new exhibition dedicated to the story of the emergency and rescue services during World War I. This exhibition is currently under refurbishment and is due to open in late  2021. The exhibition houses exhibits from the Victoria Cross Trust and a horse-drawn horse ambulance from the RSPCA. 

Walk through a recreated section of WWI ramparts, try on uniforms and discover the story of mines rescue workers and life on the front line. 

The dance hall

The Victorians loved entertainment and community spirit, most fire stations would have had a bar, dance hall or recreation rooms and this station is no different, this room would have been used from 1900 - 1924 for large family meals and entertainment.

This exhibition area is now home to an exhibition telling the story of the creation and need of a fire service from the Great Fire of London to the early 1900's. Looking at the equipment, uniforms and methods used and the change from 'Insurance' Fire Brigades to Town and City Brigades. 

Today's Emergency Services

The 2nd floor of the building would have once been individual bedrooms for the police, firemen who lived onsite from 1900 - 1924 and later used as offices by the Police until 1965. Six former bedrooms now form our 'Today's Emergency Services' exhibition. This exhibition takes a brief look at the emergency services including mountain rescue, RNLI, HM Coastguard and the Air Ambulance Service. 

Within this area you will also find an interactive house fire and road traffic display. Jump on one of our police motorbikes and see a real police chase. 

Temporary exhibition space

This exhibition space is located on the 1st floor of the museum and is regular changed as our temporary exhibition. 

Currently a mini exhibition dedicated to art work created for fire station open days during the 1980's and 90's. The three large structures tell their own stories and have been created and painted by firefighters. Firefighters all have a story to tell about each other, also on display is the station door from the former Division Street Fire Station that has been painted as a mix of stories about the firefighters who worked their. 

Learning and Discovery room 1

Learning and Discovery room 1 was originally the mess room (dining room) when the station was in operation. 

Our learning rooms are located on the 1st floor of the museum and are used for visiting groups, schools and conferences. Room 1 has a capacity of 60 people seated. This area of the museum is also used during school holidays for activities and crafts and as additional space on event weekends.

Learning and Discovery room 2

Learning and Discovery room 2 was originally the Kitchen when the station was in operation. 

Our learning rooms are located on the 1st floor of the museum and are used for visiting groups, schools and conferences. Room 2 has a capacity of 30 people seated. This area of the museum is also used during school holidays for activities and crafts and as additional space on event weekends.

'The Tack Room' Coffee Shop

Our cosey Coffee Shop is located on the Ground Floor and can be accessed directly from the museum entrance. Named after the original use of this room, 'The Tack Room' would have once been the room where the 'tack' from the horses would be hung in front of the open fire to dry.

Our Coffee Shop can be used without visiting the museum exhibitions and is open during the museums normal opening hours.

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