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Did you know the National Emergency Services Museum is a charity?


This means that UK taxpayers can make a massive difference to charities like us through the government’s Gift Aid scheme!

If you would like to help the National Emergency Services Museum please make a donation. If you agree to make a donation and are a UK taxpayer, the government will give us an extra 25% on top of your donation. If your donation is equal to, or more than, the full price individual admission price, you will be able to get free admission to the museum for a year and know that you are helping us to keep history alive.

We do not charge additionally to entry tickets for Gift Aid.

Year ticket terms and conditions:

Valid for 12 months from the date of first visit,

We will request another proof of identity when re-visiting using your ticket,

Return visits are subject to normal opening days and times,

Group discount tickets and some promotional offers are valid for single day entry only,

We do not keep records of year tickets,

Year tickets are not valid for entry to some events, please contact us for more info…

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