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Join our Learning & Discovery team, as they take inspiration from our regular school and group workshop topics with some exclusive themed activities and crafts. So get dressed up as your favourite superhero as we take a look at everyday superheroes.

Below you will find links to PDF documents that you can download free of charge! 


Recycle your imagination:

Steamers and Scallywags:

Recreating history:

Mini curator:

Become a curator of your very own collection and record the story of your most treasured object the same way a museum does.

VE Day:

Extreme vehicles:


WWII and the Blitz:

(Perfect for all ages)

The Great Fire:

(normally aimed at Key Stage 1)

People who help us:

(normally aimed at Early Years to Key Stage 1)


Click on the images below to download colouring sheets of our mascot Rocko. 

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