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Join our team on an adventure at your school as we bring the museum to you! NESM offers an amazing variety of outreach programs starting from £40 for a loan box to £500 for a fully immersive jam packed day. All of our workshops and activities are run by our team of dedicated and fully engaging staff members.


Vehicle outreach

From £300

Looking for that up close and personal experience? Our historic fleet is available for workshops at your venue. Our team are able to offer 2 x 1 hour workshops for up to two classes or 4 x 1 hour workshops for up to four classes with a vehicle of your choice.

These workshops are based around the origin of the vehicle and the people who work on them. For example, our 1940s war time fire engine would include a workshop themed around the role of the vehicle and wartime firefighters.


Workshops and talks

From £60

Our Learning and Discovery team are able to bring a little piece of NESM directly into your classroom. Our workshops/talks last for one hour and can be booked multiple times through the day for multiple subjects/topics.

Each workshop/talk can be tailored to your requirements and subject.


Loan box and workshop

From £100

Combine our workshops/talks with a Loan Box. Our team are able to bring a Loan Box to your venue and provide a tailored workshop, talk or activity around your choice of box.


Topic Takeover Day

From £350

Become truly engaged for the full day as our team bring history to life for your class in a full hands-on, jam packed day of fun (and learning too of course). The Takeover includes drama and role play, round robin activities and a glorious mix of strategy and controlled chaos!


Loan box

From £40

Dig deep in history and get hands-on with our collection! Our loan boxes are available to hire weekly and include a mixture of genuine objects from our collection and replica objects. You will also have a loan box booklet with general activities you can use the box for with a range of subjects and then topic specific activities for your chosen box.

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