Welcome to the new look National Emergency Services Museum! Our team has missed you so much but while we've been closed, we've not stopped.

Our team has made the most of the time we have been closed to develop and refurbish the museum, creating all-new exhibitions, gallery spaces, toilets, learning rooms, and the addition of a lift, providing better access around the building. 

Our reimagined workshops and tours run from 10:00 - 14:00 and are priced at £250 per class of up to 35 students, with every additional class priced at £200. Working in partnership with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, both our 'People Who Help Us' and 'The Great Fire...' workshops receive a £50 discount per class.

Discounts for groups of 15 or more are available for self-guided visits to the museum without a workshop or tour. 

Discover what a day at the museum looks like and see our 'a day trip to NESM' itinerary by clicking here.


People Who Help Us...

(EYFS and KSG 1) 

Explore the stories of the everyday heroes that help us in an emergency. Your class will learn about the police force, fire service, ambulance service, RNLI and coastguard. Discover what they do and the equipment they use, and climb inside some of their vehicles.


Learn about what an emergency is and when you need to call that special three digit number for help. You can even meet a character from your chosen emergency service as part of your visit. This workshop’s main curriculum focus is PSHE or personal, social and emotional development for Early Learning Goals.


This workshop is in collaboration with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue bringing history and vital life safety together.


Crime and Punishment...

(KSG 1 and 2) 

How has crime and punishment changed throughout history? Step back in time and find out. Experience what it was like to be a prisoner in 1900 by having your fingerprints and mugshot taken. Investigate handling objects to discover more about the equipment police officers used. Even spend some time in a Victorian police cell.


Learn how crimes have changed and what has influenced these changes. Imagine what it was like to be a police officer in Victorian times or walk in the footsteps of famous Detective Donald Swanson of Scotland Yard.


This workshop’s main curriculum focus is History and also includes PSHE.


Guts and Gore,

Medicine through time...

(GCSE History) 

Our Blood, Bandages and Blue Lights exhibition, telling the story of the ambulance service, presents a wonderful opportunity to GCSE students studying topics that include medical history. Using the primary sources interpreted within the exhibition, students are given a hands-on learning experience in an engaging and alternative learning environment. They will engage with the objects and stories, challenging what they tell us and highlighting the relevance of history study within the wider world.


The Great Fire...

(KSG 1) 

Travel back in time to 1666 when King Charles II was on the throne and a huge fire ravaged London. How did they fight it? Learn how the Great Fire was extinguished and the legacy it holds. Handle our real and replica objects, dress up as a soldier fighting the fire and try some of the methods they used. Are your class up to the challenge? This workshop’s main curriculum focus is history but also includes STEM subjects such as Science and Design Technology.


This workshop is in collaboration with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue bringing history and vital life safety together.


Extreme vehicles...

(Flexible ages) 

From a steam powered fire engine to a 47 foot Tyne Class RNLI lifeboat, our vehicles are something to behold. Marvel at the workings of historic and modern fire engines, discover how a regular car can be transformed into a police car and even design your own emergency services vehicle. Tailored to your needs, use our extreme vehicles to spark your group’s imagination.


This workshop’s curriculum focuses include History, Design Technology and Science.


WWII and the Blitz...

(Flexible ages) 

Experience life on the home front in World War II. Learn about the plans for invading Britain and how children played their part in the war effort.  Discover how Sheffield’s steel industry made it a target for German bombing, the effects of raids on the city and how the emergency services coped with help from the civilian population. Come face to face with an incendiary bomb and handle a range of original artefacts from our WWII collection to discover how Britain played its part in defeating the Nazi menace.

Using lights, sounds, smoke and smells, your class will be fully immersed with our bombed out house and don't forget to take cover in our air raid shelter.


This workshop’s curriculum focuses include History, Design Technology and Science.