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Meet the team

#TeamNESM might be small but we are mighty! At least that's what we tell people. We might actually just be really odd. Meet the team below! 


CEO and Trustee

Hey I’m Matt, CEO and Trustee here at NESM. Despite my apparent position of responsibility, to be honest I am a child at heart. Give me a set of Mickey ears, a trip to Disney or a superhero cape any day (it’s only homework I promise). I’ve been part of the museum through thick and thin, pushing us forward at every knock back. Anyone that knows me knows I don’t let things get me down and I don’t like taking no for an answer, hence the make do and mend / DIY attitude that serves us so well.


I'll admit I don’t really have an off switch or much of a home/work life balance but people put up with me (I think). I live with my partner and doggy in Sheffield and love films, walks and like a complete anorak own my own vintage fire engine. 


Head of Visitor Services

I believe that if I’m allowed any free time, I may cause havoc. So with the free time the museum lets me have, I volunteer for the Scouts as a District Commissioner for East Scarsdale. Much like my role at the museum, this involves carefully balancing plates and keeping the peace but is great fun and I fully encourage anyone to enrol their kids into a group. I also like to play with new technology, which the museum takes full advantage of, and would like to make a smart house one day.


Learning and Communities Co-ordinator

Born in the South (but don’t hold that against me), I came up to University in Hull where I fell in love with Yorkshire and, while I was at it, my Yorkshire husband. I spent a while in the South and decided to come back to the North, settling of course in SOUTH Yorkshire with our two small children (one born in Surrey like their mother and one in Yorkshire like their father). As a family we like to explore new and exciting places with heritage passes.


When I'm not wrangling my two small ones, I enjoy reading and am a member of a virtual book club. I also runs 5k at least once a week after completing Couch to 5k during the second lockdown. I like watching films, (usually kids ones at this point) and TV programmes (did anyone catch the new series of Bluey?). One day I hope to write a book, when I have the time.


Visitor Experience Assistant

I bring a quirky blend of Gen Z enthusiasm, considerate vibes, and a touch of Mediterranean warmth to the museum. Picture me as your friendly guide of the museum, sprinkled with a side of humour! Hailing from the sunny island of Cyprus, I bring a bit of Mediterranean flair to the museum halls. Growing up surrounded by ancient ruins and the whispers of history, I've always dreamt of working in a museum. Now I'm living my dream. My cat, my partner in crime would surely agree-she's the real VIP at my home, overseeing my every move. When not greeting you to our lovely museum or perfecting my cat's royal treatment, you'll find me reading and learning about different cultures. 



Although I work with the museum’s vast and varied collection, my free time couldn’t be spent more differently. I have a collection of antique writing implements, a collection of rocks and minerals, a collection of mint condition Victorian gothic novels, among other collections of carefully stored objects. When not looking after my collections, I collect film posters and memorabilia, Tolkien-based merchandise and stately home guidebooks. My other interests include being left alone to enjoy my collections, and not enjoying the annual museum bowling tournament. My interests do not exclude finally not coming last in the bowling tournament (see picture).


Collections Registrar

Hi I'm Emma, and I work as a collections registrar alongside my colleague Patrick. When I'm not working here at the museum you can normally find me being simultaneously barked and meowed at by Winnie (dog) and Lola (cat) while I try to watch TV, play a game, read or sleep. When I have the time I like to take things apart, fix them and put them back together. The latest thing was an old typewriter from the 1920s. My main love in life (sorry Winnie and Lola) is history. I just can’t get enough and as well as working at the museum I love exploring castles and country houses.

I started volunteering at the museum in 2018. I initially worked jointly in the coffee shop and in the collections department, and then moved solely into the collections team. I am now the longest serving member in that team and have seen lots of changes while I've been here, and a greater emphasis on what we do in collections. I also recently won the war of the office stationery; Patrick offered his surrender after the battle of the desk cubby.


Visitor Experience Assistant

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I’m a Visitor Experience Assistant at NESM. You might see me hanging around the front desk, in the shop or café. I love history so I’m definitely working in the right place! When I’m not at work, I like watching films, going on long walks and visiting heritage sites. At home, I’m never far from the kitchen and I make a cake about once a week (my favourite is cherry and almond cake). 

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