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NEW IN 2022

Guarding the Coast

To mark the 200th birthday of HM Coastguard, we’ve been working with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the National Maritime Museum Cornwall (NMMC) to develop a brand new exhibition that will tell the story of the Coastguard and explore its role as one of the UK’s emergency services.

Featuring objects from the collection of HM Coastguard (which is in the care of NESM), many of which have never been on public display before, the exhibition celebrates the men and women who dedicated themselves to saving lives at sea, explores the changing technology used by crews over the last two centuries, and celebrates the continuing contribution of the Coastguard at sea and on land.

In a unique collaboration for NESM, the exhibition is running concurrently at its museum in Sheffield and at the NMMC in Falmouth. It has been funded by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency as part of its 200th birthday celebrations.


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