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Dig deep in history and get hands-on with our collection! Our loan boxes are available to hire weekly and include a mixture of genuine objects from our collection and replica objects. You will also have a loan box booklet with general activities you can use the box for with a range of subjects and then topic specific activities for your chosen box.

Each loan box is charged at £40 per week with every additional week charged at £20. Loan boxes are available by pre-booking only and would need to be collected and returned to the museum.

Wanting that little bit extra from your loan box? Why not add a hands-on workshop provided by our team at your venue for an additional £60 per one hour workshop. As our team will be traveling to your venue we are able to bring your preferred loan box with us.


People Who Help Us: 

What do our heroes use to help them do their jobs? Helmets, jackets and equipment are all in this Loan Box for you to explore. Discover the different jobs they do through the objects and consider what else they could be used for. Includes a smoke alarm to help you teach fire safety too.


Great Fire of London: 

Can you survive the past ?  Look at fire fighting in 1666; squirts, leather buckets and helmets.  Write like Samuel Pepys using quill pens and ink; write out your own fire insurance forms.  Handle real insurance fire marks, use these to help you design a Fire Insurance Company badge.  Look at flexible leather hose and discover how this helped to bend water directly into a fire.

Loan Box

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