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Letting the youngsters loose

On Friday 1 July 2022 we joined in on our first digital takeover day with Kids in Museums. It was a chance for young people to takeover our social media channels for the day, deciding on the content and which channels they were going to use. If you missed it, where were you? But don’t worry we’ll let you know everything that happened, how we planned it, the day itself and how it has made us think about our social media presence.

First, let’s meet the takeover team:

Hi I’m Megan, I’m 21 and I am actually a history student here in Sheffield. I volunteered at NESM to get some experience of working in museums and heritage, as that is what I want to do after University.

Hi I’m Kirstie, I’m 19, I work front of house, as a visitor experience assistant at NESM. Like Megan I’m a history student, I kind of fell down the Horrible Histories/Tomb Raider to actual history degree timeline. I always wanted to work in a museum.