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Identifying the Dead: the job of a forensic anthropologist

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Talk and museum entry: £15.00pp or £10.00pp if you already hold a year ticket for NESM.

Entry is one hour before the start of each talk to allow for the viewing of the museum itself and refreshments.

Have you ever wondered how scientists can build an image of a person from just their bones? In this exclusive talk you will be introduced to the fascinating world of forensic anthropology through the eyes of Dr Chris Aris, a Forensic Anthropology consultant with the University of Sheffield. The talk will cover what can be done to identify human remains in the field, how these can be assessed in order to identify individuals, and where in the process of a forensic investigation that a Forensic Anthropologist operates. This engaging talk with a real-life specialist will also include how skeletons can be given an age at death, how the stature of the individual while living can be estimated, and how sex can be estimated. Enjoy an hour of captivating science and learn a few skills along the way!

Please note the talk will include images of skeletal human remains.

Due to the discussion of bodies, bones and other sensitive subjects we advise that visitors be over the age of 15 to attend this talk.

Talk by Dr Christopher Aris

Dr Christopher Aris is an established specialist in human osteology, musculoskeletal anatomy, bioarchaeology, and forensic anthropology. He gained his PhD from the University of Kent, studying enamel growth patterns in human populations. Currently he works as a Teaching Associate in Anatomy and Osteology at the University of Sheffield, convening modules in musculoskeletal anatomy, forensic anatomy, and advanced osteology alongside directing the Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology MSc course. He is also currently a Forensic Anthropology Consultant within the University’s archaeological department.


Chris is passionate about engaging people of all ages in the subject of forensic anthropology and has written many academic and non-academic works and delivered various talks and workshops.

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Other talks...

If you’re a fan of our new Daring Detectives & Dastardly Deeds exhibition why not look at our exciting programme of talks and book-signings. Come and listen to some of the field’s top authors and academics speak on exciting subjects from fantastic 19th century forensic science to Victorian crooks and criminals.

Each session is an hour-long and includes an engaging talk, a chance for questions and an opportunity to get your hands on signed books. Tickets include museum admission, the talk, tea, coffee and biscuits as well as a handy cotton tote bag.


£15.00pp or if you already hold a year ticket for NESM £10.00pp

IMAGE_ Donald Sutherland Swanson.jpg

Jack the Ripper: Chief Inspector Swanson and Scotland Yard’s prime suspect

Friday 9 July 2021

14:00-15:00 or 18:00-19:00

The mystery of Jack the Ripper has never been officially solved, but did the police investigating the crimes know the identity of the killer? In their retirement, several officers claimed to know the truth...


Identifying the Dead: the job of a forensic anthropologist

Friday 22 October 2021

14:00-15:00 or 18:00-19:00

Have you ever wondered how scientists can build an image of a person from just their bones?


The Life of a Victorian Bobby

Friday 3 September 2021

14:00-15:00 or 18:00-19:00

What was life like in the dark and dangerous streets of Victorian Britain? Join author Neil Bell as he introduces you to the uniformed men who patrolled these streets...


From Wounded Fairies to Sweet Fanny Adams: a Look at the Early History of Forensic Science and Policing

Friday 5 November 2021

14:00-15:00 or 18:00-19:00

The medical profession and criminal law have worked together over the millennia, from the Ancient Egyptians to the present day...


Murder, Poisoning and Baby-farming: Victorian Crime & Punishment

Friday 8 October 2021

14:00-15:00 or 18:00-19:00

Join Author Angela Buckley for a tantalising glimpse into the murky world of 19th century crime. You will meet suspicious characters, nefarious criminals and those that tracked them down...

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