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Become truly engaged for the full day as our team bring history to life for your class in a full hands-on, jam packed day of fun (and learning too of course). The Takeover includes drama and role play, round robin activities and a glorious mix of strategy and controlled chaos!

Our Topic Takeover Days are a full day workshop and are charged at £350 for one class of up to 35 students or £550 for two classes of up to 35 in each. Additional charges may apply depending on your venues location as our Topic Takeover Days are available nationally. 


People Who Help Us: 

Here are the workshops we provide to bring the topic to life:


Introduction – Everyday helpers: There are loads of people who help us every day, the unsung heroes of everyday life. We meet them all the time, but do we realise it? Let’s meet some…


Session 1 – Part 1 – Today’s Heroes: This highly active, round robin session helps us to find out about our rescue heroes with lots of dressing up and objects but who are they? Let’s work together to work it out.


Session 1 – Part 2 – History’s Heroes: What were the heroes of yester-year like? It’s another round robin but harder this time as the older equipment might not be what you’d expect our rescue heroes to have. Can you work out who’s who?


Session 2 – Part 1 – Who ya gonna call?:  There are some dangerous scenarios we find ourselves in but who will save us? Using props and teamwork you can work it out and win the game.


Session 2 – Part 2 – Emergency Situation: Join us at the scene of an accident and role play our rescue helpers! From the fire service to the police and more, we have five scenarios and the equipment to use to find out the jobs in an emergency situation.


Finale – True or False: Crime and punishment can be scary but sometimes funny! Ready for some acting? It’s the only way to sort out the fact from the fiction and we become the police and investigate some crazy crimes and loony laws.

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WW2 Life in the Blitz: 

Here are the workshops we provide to bring the topic to life:


Introduction – Who would you meet in a wartime street? We look at some of the key figures going about their business in wartime…


Session 1 – Air Raid Antics - In the role of Air Raid Wardens, students complete a round robin of activities that highlight the effects of air raids on everyday life in Britain.


Session 2 – Beware the Blitz! - This very active session looks at evacuees and what they were evacuated from! Looking at what an evacuee would take with them is only one part of this interactive session as we decided what key targets were and then go on a bombing mission.


Finale – Britain under the Bombs: This final session sees the young people put into a real time night bombing scenario as they work together to find safety, fight fires and deal with the consequences of the Blitz…


Great Fire of London: 

Here are the workshops we provide to bring the topic to life:


Introduction – Meet the Protagonists: From Charles II to Thomas the baker, who were the key figures during the Great Fire of London?


Session 1 – Part 1- Unsuspecting London: What was London like before the fire? From building houses to baking bread to surviving the plague… Get hands-on in our round-robin to discover life in London.


Session 1 – Part 2 – Save London: As the fire takes hold what did the citizens do to try and save the city? From blowing up houses to chains of buckets to fleeing London, we engage in the chaos of the Great Fire.


Session 2 – Part 1 – Rebuilding London: Students use their making and planning skills to take on the rebuilding of a city and discover how they tried to prevent such a thing from happening again. Find out about the new fire fighters and make a fire plaque to take home.


Session 2 – Part 2 – A Memorial Monument: To remember the fire, Londoners built a huge memorial, and we will do the same! There are different roles for everyone to try from quarrying to crane workers to barge workers to horse and carts. It’s all happening in this massive round robin.


Finale – The London Game: It’s time for your acting skills as we put everything we’ve learnt into practice and look at what London looked like at the time and tell the story of the Fire using role play and actions.

Topic Takeover Day

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