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Arms and Armour
Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 February 2023

Fancy meeting a knight? Ever wondered what vehicles armoured police use? Or want to learn about armour in the animal world?

Now’s your chance to learn all about arms and armour from today’s modern armoured police to the brave knights of the past. Learn all about the make-up and design of armour, see armoured vehicles through time up close and learn about their technology, purpose and history.


Learn more about amazing critters and creatures in our display on armour in nature, and how these little guys show armour off in its truest form.


For those looking for their knight in shining armour, look no further! Visitors can meet our very own medieval men at arms and learn about historic arms and armour. These brave fellows will be joined by South Yorkshire Police who will be bringing their equipment and expertise, so visitors can see the technology and training that protects us today.

For younger ones, get hands on with crafts or get artistic with some colouring?  Some of NESM’s collection will also be on special display with visitors able to handle real prison swords and Victorian policing equipment.

This event is ideal for a weekend of family fun!

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