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Excavating the Dead

Saturday 18 May 2024: 13.00 - 15.30

Pre-booking required. £25.00 per adult, includes museum entry and hands-on workshop.

Do skeletons intrigue you? Have you ever wondered how forensic scientists recover and identify the dead? Then you may want to join us for a new exclusive, hands-on workshop with osteological specialist and forensic anthropologist Dr Chris Aris.


In this unique workshop you will receive personal training in the identification of bone from a professional forensic anthropologist. Under the direct tutelage of Dr Chris Aris you will learn how to excavate human bone and conduct a forensic investigation, including how to collect evidence to inform forensic cases. Using these skills you be challenged to conduct your very own investigation at a crime scene, including excavating a skeleton and getting hands-on experience with real human bone. Throughout your investigation Dr Chris will be there to provide one-to-one guidance and demonstrations.

Dr Christopher Aris

Dr Christopher Aris is an established specialist in human osteology, musculoskeletal anatomy, bioarchaeology, and forensic anthropology. He gained his PhD from the University of Kent, studying enamel growth patterns in human populations. Currently he works as a Teaching Associate in Anatomy and Osteology at the University of Sheffield, convening modules in musculoskeletal anatomy, forensic anatomy, and advanced osteology alongside directing the Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology MSc course. He is also currently a Forensic Anthropology Consultant within the University’s archaeological department.


Chris is passionate about engaging people of all ages in the subject of forensic anthropology and has written many academic and non-academic works and delivered various talks and workshops.

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